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Monday, February 16, 2015

The hard part

Now comes the hard part.  Editing and cover design are the toughest parts of writing. I'm 50,000 words into a story and finally have the 25% point crisis. Now it's for sure I'm not writing a 200,000 word book. That's just not my style. The crisis will require a serious rewrite. Serious rewrites are not my thing either.  My philosophy is to finish the story with the crisis involved and the go back and weave the needed changes in.

Covers are another story all together.  I have been fortunate enough to have photos in my own library of camera bug history to use for covers.  But, not this time. This outing will require a trip with the camera. On my book STATE OF THREAT I used a photo my mother took sixty years ago. On this book STATE OF PERIL I need a hacienda, a green truck, and a man with binoculars to make what i want on the cover. I can see I need to do some photo manipulations.

How do you handle these problems?