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Thursday, June 20, 2013

More than boring

Editing is more than boring. It is challenging which is why I keep at it. My left brain is so hot the hair is missing on that side of my head. Of course, I am bald so all my hair is mssing, but it was a cute way of getting your attention. Did it work?

Oh, the tough part. I had to chop three pages of garbled scene and rewrite the whole section. Twenty-two pages later, it looks and reads great. Hey, I can be my own critic, can't I?

Just printed out the end of my book, "Arizona". It will sit on the shelf until August and then the editing begins on that 90,000 word tome. By the time I fill in a couple of scenes I haven't written yet, it should be over 100,000 words of action packed, romance, comedy, drama, cowboys, indians, banditos, politicians, and other crooks. But I don't want to give the story away. No spoilers here, this time.

Okay, the phone is ringing, my dogs want out, the wind is blowing, mama's on her way home, the baby is crying (woops no baby here, what is that), and I need to run.

So, go write.

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