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Monday, March 18, 2013

New Gizmo

This blog post comes to you courtesy of the Verizon store and their new wifi cell internet access. Actually I am paying thru the nose for this so they just were the outlet I bought it from. 5 gig for $50. Wow! Ten bucks a gigabyte. Now the question is how much of this kind of stuff can I do with $10 bucks?

What's this mean to you, my readers? I just might get a post off more often and be able to even prepare and write some good stuff for this space. No promises and don't hold your breath.

I currently have two books ready for Smashwords. Now I can get my account all set up and up load. All I need are covers.

Anybody do cover art. I need with a rip roaring cowboy shooting at something in the distance from behind a bush/tree/rock. Then I need one that has a jig saw puzzle showing a cross and an empty tomb (faint) with many pieces of the puzzle not in place, could be missing or lying on the puzzle board.

Interested?  $50 for the each of the two I use. Must be in color.

Working on a story now which will need a teen boy, teen girl, a cougar, in a boulder field. A shotgun and rifle could be included. Double barreled shotgun definitely a must.

Til next time, keep writing.

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