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Friday, September 28, 2012


AHHH, YES, four days in the God's creation will definitely give you new ideas and clear the cobwebs.

Hiking down the trail from the North Rim toward the river 6000 feet below does two things for you. First is it kills your knees and thigh muscles. The second is a lot of time to think.

Hiking or just plain being parked somewhere in God's creation for a couple of days does wonders for my mental health. It seems to get all my boxes realigned with all the proper ideas in their correct box. Also, it let's me be creative mentally. The killer on this walk in Creation was that my digital recorder was broken and I didn't get a new one before I left. So, I had to stop and write things down, which was a plus. It gave me a break to breathe and a time to see the scenery and smell the flowers, many were in bloom due to recent rains.

Bottom line is that I now have many ideas for the projects in progress and a stack of new ideas for new projects.

This therapy was so good I got over 2500 words written the day after I got back.  IF (terrible word) I could do that everyday, I would have a 100,000 word novel written in 40 days. 40 days sounds good to me.

Now I will get writing. How about you ?

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